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Welcome to the only banner exchange
exclusively for non-adult-content web sites.

GayBannerAd free banner exchange works automatically to trade banner ad space on your web site with banner ads from other web sites. You pay nothing for this service--we provide it free.

We keep track of all statistics to know how often ads have been displayed and ensure each exchange member gets credited for them. Thus you receive your fair number of ads displayed in turn for the ads that have shown on your site.

All you need to join is your own web site, a banner, and a couple minutes to sign up. And if you don't have a banner we can help you with a list of online spots to quickly make your own.

To qualify for membership your web site must:
  • not contain adult content.
  • not be a dating site.
  • not have any pop-ups or exit consoles.
  • not have payment required to access site content ("pay site").
  • have English as a primary language.
  • have significant viable content in relation to the amount of advertising.
  • have significant gay-specific content or be demonstrating that it caters to GLBT.
If your site doesn't qualify click here to view our other banner exchanges that may match your web site.

You can enjoy an immediate increase of profile, increased traffic, increased exposure for your web site. Join now!





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